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LIFEVINE Family Services is a family-first organization. Great care comes from those who have a passion for family service and childhood development If you find working with children and families rewarding and you would like to pursue this passion, LIFEVINE offers competitive compensation, flexible work hours and a safe environment with families who value you and your contributions to their household.

If you are interested in joining the LIFEVINE Family Services team of caregivers and companions, please fill out the brief form on this page. Once we have received your basic information, we will contact you to schedule interviews, gather and review references and complete your background check. We will discuss which of our services are best suited to your background and interests, and we will determine together whether LIFEVINE is right for you. Both seasonable and full-time candidates are welcome to apply!

Filling out this form does not obligate you to perform any tasks on behalf of our clients. We will never sell your information or share your private details with anyone outside LIFEVINE Family Services.

Please Note: this form is for new sitters. If you’d like to apply to become a client, please use the Client Sign-Up Form.