Every sitter LIFEVINE has sent to me has been so great. LIFEVINE has created something lovely and reliable. - Emilie – SoHo

Stephanie, Chicago, IL

Stephanie and Brittany met on a fateful day in the fall of 2012. Stephanie answered a craigslist posting Brittany made to rent her apartment. Hesitant to rent out her room, once she saw the familiar (507) area code, (Minnesota, where they are both from.) Brittany knew Stephanie was a good match. Brittany asked Stephanie if she was interested in babysitting as well as the room, and thus began LIFEVINE. Stephanie left NYC for Chicago, but frequently recommends friends to the agency and is also available should you find yourself in the Midwest. Her knowledge of Flemish, experience with children and positive attitude make her a wonderful fit for the company and your family.